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Tile Cleaning

Specialized Surfaces work with professional technicians using a revolutionary tile and grout cleaning process that will restore your tiles original beauty and colors.

Mopping or steam cleaning alone can not achieve the kind of tile and grout cleaning results that a “Specialized” technician can. Expert technicians are qualified to use the most advanced heavy duty tile and grout cleaning equipment, products and technology in the market today. The technicians use a unique system that includes powerful steam machinery that will get the tiles clean without adding harmful chemicals.

Tiled surfaces in your bathroom (tub, vanity tops, shower, etc.) may require a more thorough clean up due to a buildup of soap scum, body oil or hard-water stains. For high traffic areas or when tiled floors have been neglected for a long time, heavy-duty cleaning may be required.

Over time, the same everyday dirt that lodges itself deep in your carpet also embeds itself in your tile and grout. While regular mopping and spot cleaning can remove some of this soil, it doesn’t reach the deepest dirt in your grout. That’s where Specialized Surfaces can help. Our professional technicians will thoroughly inspect your tile floor to determine which cleaning process best fits your needs. Then they apply the proper cleaning agents and use state-of-the-art equipment that combines high-pressure water and a truck-mounted vacuum system to remove even the deepest dirt, safely and gently.


While ceramic and porcelain tiles themselves are non-porous, the grout between them absorbs everyday dirt and spills, much like a sponge. To protect your newly cleaned grout, our technicians can apply a sealant to create a stain-resistant surface.

Clear Sealant

Clear sealant creates an invisible stain-resistant barrier over the top of the grout, giving you more time to clean spots and spills before they discolor your grout. It also makes future cleanings easier, since most of the dirt stays at the surface of the grout.


You should be able to see the results immediately. However, if for any reason you discover something you’re not happy with after we leave, just give us a call and we’ll be back to correct it to your satisfaction.

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